The Millennium Bug (2012) – By Brian Morton

When I first saw the movie, The Millennium Bug, in my inbox, I wondered how long it was taking my mail to get to me! Then, I realized that this was not a movie about the millennium, but a movie set during the millennium….which made me feel better about my mail and worse about yelling at the delivery boy!

The story here is about a family who’s taking a camping trip in the deep woods to celebrate the new millennium. They’re not afraid of anything happening, but feel like it’s better to be safe than sorry. There’s one…well, two little problems, one is the inbred killer hillbilly clan who’s living in the woods, the other is the biologist who’s looking for a creature that only comes to life every 1000 years. Now, trapped between these two things, the family is forced to fight for survival!

Part monster movie, part ‘Texas-chainsaw’-like horror, The Millennium Bug isn’t too bad. There’s something here for everyone, and, it’s not too often that you see the ‘inbred hillbilly family’ genre combined with anything else…it’s pretty interesting and refreshing! The real interesting thing is that the movie proudly proclaims at the beginning that there’s no cgi used…which makes this that much more cool to me…practical effects are a dying art and it’s good to see someone using them this well!

I’m giving The Millennium Bug 4 out of 4 cigars; it’s an interesting combo of horror genres that manages to do justice to both. And, with apologies again to the delivery boy (I’ll watch the movie before I yell about it); you can get a copy of this cool movie by heading over to