The Mis-Adventures of McT & A: The Twilight Spoof (2010) – By Nic Brown

Indie film actresses and friends, Michelle Tomlinson and Kimberly Amato, weren’t happy with just landing roles in films. They wanted to pool their talents and step behind the camera to make something together. Thus was born THE MIS-ADVENTURES OF MCT & A. The first episode was a collection of short, comedic skits that poked fun at a number of horror film genres. For their second outing, the duo decided to focus on one subject: the TWILIGHT movies.

The episode is called simply THE TWILIGHT SPOOF and it lives up to its name. Love or hate the TWILIGHT films and books, it is almost impossible to escape the marketing juggernaut that promotes the latest film in every venue possible. So McT & A’s  lampooning of one of the summer’s media monsters is particularly well timed. The short film follows a heated debate between Tomlinson and Amato over who Lisa should give her heart to: Landall or Josh. What follows is a series of short “scenes” that show the prowess (or perhaps more accurately lack there of) of the two as Lisa painfully (and intentionally) overacts her way through the scenes. Ripped abs and glowing vampires are all fair game and while the production could be described as ultra-low budget, that isn’t a problem since the show relies on the strength of Tomlinson & Amato’s writing skills for its humor. Clocking in at just under six minutes, the show’s biggest problem is trying to cover as much ground as possible in so short a time. Still the show manages to touch on many of the trade marks of TWILIGHT and does so in a way that is both irreverent and humorous. So whether you are a TWILIGHT lover or hater, check out THE MIS-ADVENTURES OF MCT & A: THE TWILIGHT SPOOF, a fun little trip through the world of vampires, werewolves and teen angst, that has the best abdominal muscle special effects since 300… well maybe not the best, but check it out anyway.