The Morning Bitch (2010) – By Duane L. Martin

Patty Foster (Allison Lane) and Hudson Lane (Wade Foster) are your hosts for, The Morning Bitch. The Morning Bitch is a web series directed by Allison Lane that features two morning hosts who are very politically incorrect, and at times, also very awkward.

My first introduction to The Morning Bitch came when I reviewed the prequel film they made for the webs series called WTFU, starring Dan Brennan, Allison Lane and Wade Foster. I fell in love with the film and it instantly became one of my all time favorite indie comedies. I actually never even saw this web series until after I reviewed the prequel film, which is probably a better way to go if you have a chance to see the film first. Either way, the web series is seriously fun. For example, in episode 4, we find out that Patty has DIT, or Dental Induced Tourettes Syndrome. She can say or hear anything dental related, but if she sees something actually being done with teeth, she goes into a spasm of profanity. Naturally her co-host starts flossing and brushing and drooling toothpaste, which had predictable and hilarious results. In episode 23, Hudson’s had botox and a variety of other cosmetic surgeries and can no longer move his face. There are 34 episodes in all. Some are short and some are longer, but all are under six minues each, and many are in the two to three minute range, so you can blow through them one after another, laughing your way through each.

I don’t usually review web series because they’re constantly evolving with new episodes. This series is complete, and you can mostly watch it in any order you want because it’s non-linear. You can jump around randomly from episode to episode watching whichever ones you want, whenever you want. There’s so much fun to be had with this series, you’ll want to watch them all.

By the way, one of the things that made me fall in love with Allison Lane is that she can do this unbelievably obnoxious laugh that’s absolutely hilarious. When I saw her do it in WTFU, I was dying. She does it here and there in the web series as well. Wade, he’s just a goof. He’s one of those people that’s just naturally kind of cheesy and fun to watch. With him, a lot of his comedy appeal comes from his facial expressions. Together, they have the ability to generate these uncomfortable moments where they get all quiet that are really funny. Episode 1: Race is a good example of that.

Do yourself a favor and check out the series, and also be sure to do whatever it takes to see the prequel, WTFU. You’ll have a blast!

You can view The Morning Bitch web series on YouTube here, and you can check out The Morning Bitch website here, where you can also view the series and also find out all about the great cast that made the series what it is.