The Nanny Seasons 1 and 2 (1994-1995) – By Jason S. Lockard

The flashy girl from Flushing, the nanny named Fran returns to DVD with the first two seasons on DVD from Mill Creek Entertainment.

The sitcom followed Fran Fine, a down-on-her-luck wacky cosmetics saleswoman, who arrives at the uptight Sheffield residence to sell make-up to the lady of the house, just as Max a Broadway Producer and widower is looking for a nanny for his three out-of-control children. She scribbles a resume in lipstick and that is all it takes for Nanny Fine to join the household, which also includes her fellow servant, butler Niles (Daniel Davis), and Max’s business partner CC (Lauren Lane), who is her future nemesis.

This sitcom works so well because it brings about elementsĀ  from Who’s the Boss, Mr. Belvedere and I love Lucy. Some of the best episodes in the first two season included; My Fair Nanny; Maxwell is throwing a party to woo a wealthy woman to produce his play. To keep Fran from embarrassing them she is tutored to be a socialite. A plot for Nanny; Fran is dating a funeral director who wants to careers and go to clown school. Lamb Chop’s On the Menu; C.C. gets their first feature film rights for “Lamb Chop: The Movie”. Mr. Sheffield invites guest star Shari Lewis to stay at his house. Fran who is dog sitting for C.C.’s dog ChesterĀ  snoops around and Chester eats Lamb Chop. Close Shave; Fran gets the oldest Sheffield child Maggie a job as a hospital candy striper. Meanwhile, Maxwell needs to have his appendix removed…on the same day Fran is covering for Maggie! Fran has to “shave” Maxwell for the surgery.

This four disc DVD set includes all 48 season one and two episodes in really good audio and video quality. The DVD menus are easy to access! This is just a really great collection for the whole family to enjoy!

So if your a fan of new classic sitcoms or family entertainment! It doesn’t come much better than this! I highly recommend you head over to and find out how you can get your copy today!

Moral Rating: Some adult situations
Audience: Some episodes not suitable for small children
Genre: sitcom
Length: Almost 19 hours
DVD Released: 2014
DVD Rating: A+