The New Position (2008) – By Brian Morton

 Looking for a new job and going on interviews can be a harrowing experience in the best of times. But, imagine interviewing for a new job as a phone sex operator! That’s the story behind a new short film by Frederick Trevino…sort of….called The New Position.

What we see is a woman (played by Crystal Pate) who’s clearly in desperate need of a job, in an incredibly uncomfortable position, interviewing for a job as a phone sex operator. Making the issue a bit more uncomfortable is the man who’s interviewing her (played by Gideon Seaman) who’s a bit sleazy. After getting the job, the boss has the nerve to not only invite her out, but gropes her to boot! After politely turning him down, our heroine heads home for a bit of dinner, a nap and a bath.

While all that sounds a bit light, Mr. Trevino has found the soul of this woman. Ms. Pate oozes sadness and despair. While she never says anything and it’s never made obvious, you can tell that this woman is in a bad place and this is a job of last resort, and it’s not doing her any good, in any way taking it. It’s a very hard movie to categorize, you really do need to see it for yourself. It’s a movie that you feel more than watch, that will make you wonder about all those actresses that trot out and proclaim that their work in the sex industry is empowering, you can see that the reality of this business is harsh, cold and will eat your soul if you allow it to. The New Position is a wonderful short with a ton of heart and will make you want to cry. I’m giving The New Position four out of four cigars, because it’s a wonderful film that’s full of feeling! You can find out more about The New Position by heading over to the New Position MySpace page. Its well worth your time, I’m sure this will be playing in festivals around the country. So, until next time, when I’ll be burning my porn collection, remember that the best movies are bad movies.