The Opera Singer (2016) – By Misty Layne


THE OPERA SINGER is a 3-minute short film, that in actuality should be entitled HOW QUICKLY CAN WE MAKE YOU START SOBBING? (Approximately 2 seconds, movie, that’s how long…) It really isn’t fair that all of these beautiful emotions could be jammed into this tiny little film, but that my friends, is why film is one of my favorite mediums to work in. It can have such a visceral effect on people – it’s phenomenal.

And so is THE OPERA SINGER, a look back at one woman’s life and regrets, from her current life in a nursing home. There’s such a longing to this film, such a melancholy. It made me feel the same way MELANCHOLIA did. Bittersweet, wanting & needing something yet pushing it away, too many thoughts and too many choices…I could start waxing poetic about regrets in life and all, but I don’t have to because THE OPERA SINGER does it perfectly. It’s a poetic masterpiece.

Starring Shannon Elizabeth (AMERICAN PIE) and filmed by Steve Kahn, this short is one you desperately need to take a look at soon. Relish for 3 minutes in the uncertainty of life and the beauty of it all.