The Painted City (2010) – By Brian Morton

Sometimes the past comes back to haunt you, and sometimes it comes back in a way that you’d never begin to imagine. Something like that happens in the new movie from Christopher Sakr, The Painted City.

Millhouse is a semi-normal guy, who, while sitting in a coffee shop one day, witnesses a murder/suicide in the street in front of him. When he tries to help, he discovers that he knows the two men. Being a private investigator, Millhouse can’t help but to start digging into what led the men to that point. But, digging can come with a price too, Millhouse suddenly finds himself involved with not only the police, but with a mysterious group, led by a man who doesn’t seem to exist officially! Where does it all go, and what does it all mean? Well, you’ll just have to grab a copy of The Painted City and find out for yourself.

The Painted City is a "neo-noir" mystery that gets more complicated as it unfolds. Michael Hall is great as Millhouse, the detective drawn into a mystery that quickly gets out of hand, and Anthony Redelsperger is amazing as the enigmatic Carl Stedman. The Painted City is a great mystery movie, one that will have you second guessing throughout the entire movie. I’m giving The Painted City 3 out of 4 cigars, it’s not for everyone, if you don’t have patience, and you might find yourself getting a bit bored. You can find out more about The Painted City for yourself by heading over to