The Pee Wee Herman Show on Broadway (2011) – By Brian Morton

Anyone who grew up in the late 80s is familiar with Pee Wee Herman, whether it’s from the Tim Burton movies or the TV show, it seems that Pee Wee still holds a special place in America’s heart. So, when Pee Wee returned with a new show on Broadway, it was an instant sell out. Well, don’t be annoyed that you missed it, because Image Entertainment is releasing the show on DVD starting on October 4th…and you’ll want to visit, I’m sure.

The basic story here is about Pee Wee wanting to fly…it’s been his dream for years. But don’t think that this is anything but Pee Wee’s Playhouse, because that’s where we are! All your favorite characters are here, Conky, Chair-y, everyone. And, don’t think that this is just for your kids, Pee Wee has written a show that’s reminiscent of the old Looney Tunes, with enough adult humor for Mom and Dad to laugh at…without letting the kids in on the mildly inappropriate humor.

I have to admit, I wasn’t the biggest Pee Wee fan originally, but this show had me laughing out loud, it was fun and clearly didn’t take itself too seriously…which made it all the more enjoyable! I’m giving The Pee Wee Herman Show on Broadway 4 out of 4 cigars, it’s a cultural phenomenon and this show is something you can sit down with the kids and everyone will enjoy it! Find out the secret word for yourself by heading over to