The Picture of Dorian Dardar (2013) – By Brian Morton

Sometimes I get movies that I’m not exactly sure what I should make of them. Well, that’s the feeling I had after I caught The Picture of Dorian Dardar from Dorian himself.

This series of shorts is basically Dorian talking about philosophy while either walking around trees or doing tai chi. The philosophy is good, the tai chi is okay, and I’m just not sure why I should be watching it. Dorian is an interesting man, he’s made other movies that I’ve enjoyed and this is clearly a passion project for him, but I found myself wondering what exactly he was talking about and, at times, it felt a bit like an old episode of Kung Fu…only with Dorian instead of David Carradine.

I’m giving this series 2 out of 4 cigars, it’s a bit hard to watch, it’s very dry and it’s clearing something that Dorian feels strongly about…I just didn’t feel as strongly as he did! You can find out more and see the series for yourself over at