The Pirates of Our Gang (1923-38) – By Jason S. Lockard

Our Gang, The Little Rascals, whatever name you call them by it all came down to one thing for this gang of rabble-rousers, fun! Legend Films have released many Our Gang’s adventures on DVD. Well, with this release they decided to focus on a adventures of the high seas. Let’s take a look at what is included in this DVD release.

Our Rating System:

**** = Don’t Miss it!  
*** = Worth a look.  
** = An ok way to spend an evening.  
* = You haven’t missed anything.

Shiver My Timbers (1931): The gang skips school in order to listen to the stories of the old sea captain. When Miss Crabtree finds out, the two of them devise a scheme to scare the kids into giving up their ideas of becoming pirates. ****

Mama’s Little Pirate (1934): The kids goes after pirate treasure they believe is hidden in a cave. ****

Three Men in a Tub (1938): When a wealthy young man named Waldo begins via for Darla’s attention. Alfalfa not being able to compete with his money decides to compete with skill. Alfalfa challenges Waldo to a boat race for the hand of Darla. The gang build their own “speedboat,” powered by ducks. ***

Buried Treasure (1926): The gang copy a map and head off to find Captain Kidd’s treasure. ***

These short features are so much fun and take us back to a simpler time. The bonus features on this release includes two additional Our Gang short films “Derby Days” and “Our gangs Follies of 1938”.

So if you love the antics of Hal Roach’s gang of little rascals, this is one you have to add to your collection. Head over to or your local DVD provider and get your copy today.

Moral Rating: mild violence
Audience: families
Genre: comedy
Length: 116 minutes
DVD Released: 2011
DVD Rating: A