The Present (2010) – By Brian Morton

Working under time and budgetary constrictions are something that every filmmaker has to deal with on one level or another. But, when you only get 100 hours to make and show a film, that’s just asking for trouble! Well, Tom Delfino took that challenge and managed to put together a wonderful short film that will really make you think about the holiday season.

The Present is really the story of two people, a man and a woman. She’s taking pictures of the holiday party with her Polaroid camera and he’s teasing her about using a digital. Her thought is that capturing a moment is much more about skill and feeling than about taking thousands of pictures and going through them looking for the right thing. As she takes her Polaroid of them, the present stops and time stands still for everyone except him. He begins to wander and discovers that the entire world has stopped for this moment. When he finally gets back to the party, the moment unfreezes and he discovers that capturing a moment is a present in and of itself.

I’m giving The Present 3 out of 4 cigars, it’s not perfect, but if I have 100 hours to make a movie, it wouldn’t be anything nearly this amazing! The acting is great, the story is good and it’s a cool little holiday movie…even if the holidays are over. Check it out for yourself by heading over to