The Purple Zone (2006) – By Brian Morton

 Sometimes I see movies and I know that they’re art, but, for the life of me, I just don’t get them. That’s the case with a new short called The Purple Zone.

The Purple Zone is a (sort of) one act play about two gods, Spark, a female god and Popsicle, a male god. The two gods are deciding who will run earth for the next few centuries and it’s been decided that Spark will set up the new world, because, as a female, her world will be more peaceful and nice. But, when Popsicle notices that there’s no ‘purple zone’ he’s outraged. You see, the purple zone is where all art comes from, but also all aggression, so the purple zone is the source of great art, but also war, so Spark has decided to have no purple zone.

The Purple Zone is a commentary on the dynamics between the genders, it’s a comment on where inspiration comes from and why, and it’s art! Now, I understand that art is good and I enjoyed the short, but I don’t think that I’m their target audience and, unfortunately, I don’t feel that I’m deep enough to get this movie. This is a real art movie for women, it makes me think of something that you’d probably see in an art theatre in Manhattan…in other words, it was waaaaay over my head. I’m giving The Purple Zone three out of four cigars, because what I do understand about movies, the story, the look of the movie and the acting are excellent. Uriah Carr has put together a very nice looking movie that I’m sure is going to be a hit around the festival circuit! You can check it out for yourself by heading over to The Purple Zone So, until next time, when my head will still be hurting from trying to grasp this movie, remember that the best movies are bad movies.