The Real Cupid (2013) – By Brian Morton

I love getting movies from JPNT Films. Mostly because I never know what I’ll get, but it’s always interesting and it always has heart. Well, this time, Jimmy Traynor and crew have outdone themselves and this movie has more heart than most. It’s called The Real Cupid and it’s a lesson in love and life.

The Real Cupid is the story of a woman who’s given up on love. She’s resigned herself to the fact that she’ll be alone for the rest of her life, when Cupid appears in her home. And he’s not the lovely little baby that we’re all used to; he’s a big dude who looks like he’d be more comfortable in a biker bar than in the clouds. Well, Cupid’s been assigned to find our heroine love, and he’s going to show her that love can come from almost anywhere. So, the two make a bet, she bets that Cupid can’t find her love and if he can’t he’ll leave her alone, Cupid takes the wager and delivers a homeless man to her…because love can come when you least expect it, where you’re not even looking. Soon, the two are in love and happy as can be!

The Real Cupid isn’t just a funny little movie, it’s also a lesson for us all not to give up on love and not to expect love to drop into our laps in the expected way…if can literally come from anywhere! Traynor and company have put together a short movie that will warm the cockles of your heart…even a cold, hard heart like mine was warmed…just a little!

I’m giving The Real Cupid 4 out of 4 cigars, it’s a cute little film with a lot of heart…even more than usual with a Jimmy Traynor film! Find out more and see this great short for yourself here.