The Rosen Bridge (2015) – By Matthew Robinson

The Rosen Bridge is a black and white short film written and directed by Pauric Brennan (The Painters, All About Eva) that delves into the world of paranormal as well as paranoia. Shot and directed like a film noir The Rosen Bridge follows two detectives investigating a seemingly normal house that harbors a dark reality.

The strongest thing about this film is the cinematography. No cinematographer is officially credited so I am assuming Brennan was responsible for those duties but didn’t want to blast the audience with over-accreditation. The black and white allows scenes to have a more eerie vibe to them, and draws the eye in on the action.

The acting is decent, with a  strong lead in Claire Blennerhassett (The Night People) who feels like a cop whose been walking the same beat for a while, her character is introduced well and she holds my attention even when the script begins to wobble a bit. None of the other actors really stood out to me, but nobody was noticeably off-key either and that’s an accomplishment in it of itself.

The biggest problem with this short is the script, it feels a bit half baked. The story is a tad hard to follow and I was never quite certain what the stakes were during the whole ordeal. It was mysterious and at times creepy, but I never knew why and I don’t mean that in a good way.

The editing is also off pace, it’s a slow film and despite being under fifteen minutes I found myself waving my computer mouse in a circle to see how much time was left in the story. Blennerhassett kept me intrigued but the story did not keep me very entertained. Perhaps I am missing something, but it just never felt very dynamic nor gravitating.

Brennan clearly has some potential as a director as does the entire crew of The Rosen Bridge but I would suggest for the next short that bringing in a new writer and a more seasoned editor might yield better results.