The Scarlet Worm (2011) – By Jason S. Lockard

I was really excited when I received the newest MVD DVD release a western called "The Scarlet Worm". Westerns were all the rage, it seemed like every other movie that was released in the 30s to the 60s was a western. Making stars of all the greats, John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart, Henry Fonda and many others two numerous to count!

Than when the small screen began making weekly shows westerns made the transition to TV with such shows as Steve McQueen in Wanted Dead or Alive, Cheyenne, Bonanza and James Arness as Marshall Matt Dillon in Gunsmoke! Somewhere along the years westerns lost their ‘cool factor’ and now you very rarely find a new western movie or TV series; well, enter The Scarlet Worm.

The Scarlet Worm centers around a middle-age hired gunman named Print portrayed by Aaron Stielstra. Print has a unique obsession, he likes adding style, poetry and a message to his assassinations. Print considers himself an artist. Everything has been really good between him and his ‘boss’ Mr. Paul [Montgomery Ford]. Now his latest assignment is the assassination of a brothel owner [Dan Van Husen] who mandates cruel abortions on his ladies. Easy assignment right…. wrong!

Print has two challenges, one he has to train a young understudy and he is told to pull off the killing quick and dirty— which doesn’t leave Print a lot of time to obsessive the assassination style he is used to! Now disgusted as a father and son wanting a job and at the brothel, Print and his understudy uncover more to the brothel than they dreamed.

Will Print be able to finish his "masterpiece"?! Will he die trying?! What is The Scarlet Worm?! All these questions and more are answered in the film.

The Scarlet Worm has a good story and it is dark and brooding film. You get a front row seat to the gunfights; and seeing some of the greats from westerns past was defiantly a plus. The downside for me was the film is filled with profanity, violence and nudity. This film is deinitely not for everyone. In the end for me the bad outweighed the good, but if your a fan of violent, profanity filled westerns; by all means head on over to and get a DVD or Blue Ray Copy of The Scarlet Worm!

Moral Rating: Violence, Profanity and Nudity
Audience: Adults
Genre: Western
Length: 93 min.
Released: 2011
Our Rating: C-