The Secret Friend (2011) – By Jason S. Lockard

The secret friend is a short film by director Flavio Alves based on a short story by João Silvério Trevisan and stars veteran actress Viola Harris who you may know by her from Sex in the City 2 and Deconstructing Harry.

The fifteen minute film follows the life of a reclusive elderly woman named Anna Marshall who is trying to learn to live on now that her husband has passed away! Her days are the same and she spends them watching TV and knitting, but that all changes one day when she gets a phone call, the only problem is the caller does not speak! Thinking at first it’s an obscene caller she hangs up. The calls don’t stop though they come day after day. She soon accepts the caller and begins to tell the stranger of what she did with her day! Anna finally has a friend to talk to and a reason to live again! Will the two ever meet? Do that just stay phone friends? You’ll have to pick up a copy of the film to find out!

Viola Harris shines as the widow Anna who is desperate for companionship and Siobhan Fallon is a plus as a concerned neighbor! The film doesn’t drag probably because it’s only fifteen minutes. The cinematography is good and the music of Jack Woodbridge fits perfectly to the production! All and all I’d have to say that The Secret Friend is a sweet little film that may help us all think twice about the lonely elderly and how we can help brighten their days just by a little phone call!

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Moral Rating: Nothing Offensive
Audience: All Audiences
Genre: Drama
Length: 15 min.
Released: 2011
Our Rating: A