The Sensational Sixties (2012) – By Jason S. Lockard

The assassination of President John F. Kennedy, Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and presidential hopeful Bobby Kennedy coupled with the Vietnam war illustrated the turbulent and restless society that was the 60s. From this turbulent society rose "hippies" preaching peace, love and flower power.

Now thanks to Mill Creek Entertainment we can relive the 60s in this new 50 movie pack celebrating the decade entitled The Sensational Sixties! Lets take an in depth look at this 50 movie collection.

Our Rating System:

****=Don’t miss it!
***=Worth a look.
**=An ok way to spend an evening.
*=You haven’t missed anything.

Disc 1

Bloody Pit of Horror (1965) A group of models and a photographers are at a remote "abandoned" castle for a photo shoot. Little does the group know that the castle is not abandoned. A madman who believes himself to be the reincarnation of an executioner who was assigned to protect the castle against invaders. **

Sword of Lancelot (1963) Cornel Wilde so-produced, directed and starred in this period action classic featuring Lancelot, the bravest knight of the Round Table. ***

High School Big Shot (1960) A youth returns home after being away in a drug rehab clinic. Though he may appear to be fine, this troubled young man causes problems due to his obsession with a girl who is taking up with another guy. His out of control behavior puts himself and the young lady in terrible danger. *

The Jackals (1967) Vincent Price enters the old west in this rare western where he stars as Oupa, a grizzled prospector who mines his claim along with his granddaughter. ***

Disc 2

Constantine and the Cross (1962) Cornel Wilde is back, this time portraying the Roman emperor Constantine, whose rise to the throne was through many battles and also political maneuverings. The major point of Constantine’s time as emperor was his allowing the Christians to worship as they pleased without threat of reprisal from the government. ***

The Wild Ride (1960) A wild youth who spends his time partying all night and racing during the day feels betrayed by his best friend, who decides to give up this lifestyle. **

When the Girls Take Over (1962) The leader of the group looking to overthrown the government kidnaps the Prime Minister’s daughter in the hopes of forcing him to surrender. **

Last Glory of Troy (1962) Aeneas and his fellow Trojan warriors leave their land after the fall of Troy, to find a safe haven for them and the refugees they have sworn to protect. ***

Disc 3

The Battle of El Alamein (1969) Fought across the burning deserts of North Africa, the struggle between the British forces and the Axis troops of Germany and Italy is depicted here in this exciting feature. **

The Cape Town Affair (1967) When a thief steals a purse on a South African bus, he ends up with more than he expected. The purse contains secret information that puts the man in the middle of an espionage plot. **

The Manster (1962) An American reporter traveling in Japan stops to meet and interview a reclusive Japanese scientist at his mountain laboratory. Little does the reporter know he is the perfect test subject for the scientists latest experiment. After injecting the reporter against his will, the scientist discovers his serum changes the man into a hideous two-headed creature. ***

The She-Beast (1966) In the 18th Century, a terrible witch is drowned in a lake. Two hundred years later, a newlywed couple is driving near the lake when their car crashes into the water. The husband comes to the surface unharmed but his young bride emerges from the water possessed by the spirit of the witch, looking for revenge upon the descendants of the townspeople. **

Disc 4

Five Minutes to Live (1961) Two would-be bank robbers hatch a plan to extort money from a bank president by holding his wife hostage and demanding money in order to prevent her execution. This film stars music legend Johnny Cash. ***

Esther and the King (1960) This film weaves the biblical tale of a young Jewish woman named Esther (Joan Collins), who ends up as Queen of Persia. ***

The Sadist (1963) Three travelers end up with more than just car trouble when they seek refuge at an auto yard while their vehicle is being repaired. It turns out the auto yard is the home of a deranged psychopath and his equally brutal girlfriend. ***

Anatomy of a Psycho (1961) A young man is despondent over the conviction and subsequent execution of his older brother, who he idolized. The young man cannot accept that he was guilty, even though he was, and swears to avenge him. **

Disc 5

They Came from Beyond Space (1967) Based on the science fiction novel “The Gods Hate Kansas, the story focuses on a group of unlucky aliens, who have crashed their spaceship. **

The Deadly Companions (1961) This western was Sam Peckinpah’s first film as a director and brought together an all-star cast of Maureen O’Hara, Brian Keith, Chill Wills and Steve Cochran. A former Union officer is tracking down the Rebel army deserter who tried to scalp him on the battlefield. ***

Dangerous Charter (1962) A fishing boat crew finds for than just a salvage opportunity when the crew finds a dead body onboard the yacht. **

Desert Commandos (1967) During World War II, five German commandos are assigned to a top secret mission and parachuted into the Sahara Desert, behind Allied lines. Their assignment is to make their way to Casablanca undetected in order to assassinate their targets. If the commandos succeed in their mission, they could change the course of the war! **

Disc 6

Shoot Out at Big Sag (1962) A man has his eyes set on controlling the Big Sag territory in Montana and hopes to achieve his goal by forcing a newly-arrived family from Texas from their land. **1/2

Alexander the Great (1968) A historical film that follows the life of Alexander the Great, the Macedonian king that united all ancient Greek tribes and led them against the vast Persian Empire. This film boasts an all-stars cast William Shatner as Alexander, Adam West, John Cassavetes, and Joseph Cotton. **

Sandy the Seal (1969) A compassionate lighthouse keeper finds a stray seal and brings it home for his children to care for. The children fall in love with their new friend “Sandy” and they are all very happy. When some poachers come into the area, the kids and Sandy attempt to run them out of town. **

The Fat Spy (1965) A remote tropical island off the coast of Florida is the setting of this comedy featuring comedian Jack E. Leonard as identical twins Irving and Herman. The owner of the island, a cosmetics tycoon, send his daughter, Junior, off to the island to prevent some teenagers from holding a treasure hunt on the island and protect a reputed Fountain of Youth located there. This film also stars comedy legend, the late Phillis Diller. *

The Magic Sword (1962) A young man raised by a sorceress is smitten with a princess, who is kidnapped by an evil sorcerer. In seven days’ time, the sorcerer will feed the princess to his pet dragon, unless someone can defeat his seven deadly curses. **

Disc 7

Diary of a Telephone Operator (1969) Marta is a young woman working as a switchboard operator, but wishes to land a wealthy husband. Using her job as a means to this goal, Marta attempts to find the perfect bachelor through her contacts on the phone. **

Wake Me When the War is Over (1969) An American officer who accidentally falls out of a plane and lands in German occupied territory, during the latter stages of World War II. A Baroness hides him from the Nazis in her mansion and quickly becomes smitten with him. This film stars TV Stars Ken Berry and Eva Gabor. **

From Hell to Borneo (1964) A successful mercenary lives a life of luxury on a remote island located near the Philippines. His blissful experience is disrupted by the appearance of bandits and rougues on his private hideaway looking the fortune and hoping to eliminate him. **

Guerillas in Pink Lace (1964) A down-on-his-luck American gambler is looking for a quick way out of the Philippines before the Japanese invade. Befriending a priest who has a pass to leave Manila, the gambler takes the pass and disguises himself as a priest in order to make his escape. Will he make it? You have watch to find out! *1/2

Disc 8

The Poppy is also a Flower (1966) With the illicit heroin trade covering Europe like a plague, the UN decides to investigate it by tracking it from the source to the distributors. The UN investigators are able to add a radioactive isotope to the opium, with the hopes they can use Geiger counters to track the drug shipment. **

Sound of Horror (1964) A group of archeologists exploring mountains in a remote part of Greece stumble across an unexpected find. While blasting away the rock to find the hidden treasure, the explorers awaken a prehistoric creature with the power of invisibility. Only the shrieking cries of the approaching monster give its victims any warning to their terrifying fate. **

White Comanche (1968) Twin brothers battle with each other and with their own identity crises as they come to grips with what it means to be the children of a white father and an Indian mother. This film is notable for the early co-star role of William Shatner, as one of the half-breed brothers. **

High School Caesar (1960) A spoiled rich kid spends most of his high school time shaking down fellow students for money and rigging student elections, ruling his school like a ruthless businessman. Trouble starts brewing when a group of students begin to rebel against his control and show him up at a local drag race. **

Disc 9

Santa Claus Conquers the Martians (1964) Martian children are addicted to Earth’s television shows featuring Santa Claus. This enrages their parents who travel to Earth to kidnap Santa himself. *

The Magic Serpent (1966) A kingdom is overthrown by an evil warlord and his wizard, who sent his dragon to slay the entire royal family. The young prince is saved from death by a good wizard, who was friends with his father. Raised by the wizard, the prince decides to return to reclaim his rightful place on the throne by defeating the warlord and his evil wizard. ***

David & Goliath (1960) This classic film tells the classic biblical story of the shepherd boy who defeats The huge giant warrior. The film stars the great Orsen Well. **

The Nasty Rabbit (1963) A Russian plot to infect the US with a deadly plague involves two Soviet spies sneaking into the country with a rabbit carrying an infectious bacterium. A young Rock ‘N Roll singing American agent is sent in to uncover the Soviet agents and capture the rabbit. *

Disc 10

The Ballad of Andy Crocker (1969) When a Viet Nam veteran named Andy Crocker, comes home to reassemble his life, he was hoping for a hero’s welcome, but what he discovers upon arriving is his girlfriend has been forcibly married she, his business has been reduced to a shambles, and friends are nowhere to be found. Andy Crocker is played by Lee Majors known for his starring roles in tv classics, The Six Million Dollar Man and The Fall Guy. ***

The Battle of the Last Panzer (1969) The final remaining Panzer tank from a German armored column is desperately trying to make its way back to the German side of the battlefront before the Allied forces can destroy them. A young lieutenant is the leader of the Axis tank crew and he knows their time is short unless they can succeed in evading the overwhelming enemy forces. **

Twisted Nerve (1969) A man suffering from schizophrenia is cared for by a loving young woman seeking to help the man with his psychological and family problems. When the man becomes enamored with her, the young woman looks to distance herself from him. Unfortunately, this causes the man to fall deeper into madness and the result is violent behavior that threatens the lives of those involved with him. ***

Criminal Affair (1968) A renowned author and criminologist arrives in Buenos Aires in order to write his latest book, but instead it gives him the opportunity to work on his true project, planning and pulling off the perfect crime. ***

Disc 11

The Head of the Family (1967) A man is delighted to hear that his wife is pregnant and he begins to prepare for the wonders of fatherhood. As time progresses along, the family grows larger with each successive child and the father feels his importance in the family has been lessened with all the children. ***

The Reluctant Saint (1962) This inspiration film depicts the story of St. Joseph of Cupertino, the patron saint of pilots. Joseph is a simple man that most consider a simpleton. He enters a monastery and finds his place there by working in the stables and gardens, while trying to study Theology. ***

Herod the Great (1960) This Italian biblical epic depicts the downfall of Herod, the King of Judea, who was in power during the time of Christ. **

Two Women (1960) Set in Italy during World War II, this story centers around a widow, Cesira, and her teenage daughter Rosetta, who are trying to survive the ravages of war and Cesira will stop at nothing to protect her daughter. This film featured Sophia Loren in her Academy Award winning performance as the embattled mother. ***

Disc 12

The Dungeon of Harrow (1962) The mad Count De Sade lives in his families’ castle located on a remote island. Count De Sade keeps his wife locked up in a dungeon below the castle and his insanity strike fear into the staff. After a terrible storm, a ship’s captain and the son of the ship’s owner find themselves washed ashore on this lonely isle, not knowing the danger they face from the evil Count De Sade. *

The Devil’s Partner (1962) An old hermit makes a pact with the Devil and, in exchange for his obedience, is given restored youth and vitality. He returns to his hometown after assuming the identity of his own nephew and takes up residence in his former home. **

The Choppers (1961) A group of local youths entertain themselves by fixing up their hot rods for street racing and listening to Rock ‘N Roll. The juveniles must get the parts needed for their hot rods by stealing them off other cars, which puts them at odds with the law. **

Night Tide (1961) A young man visiting a seaside town falls for a pretty girl performing in a local carnival act as a mermaid. The young woman has had her troubles in the past with suitors leading some people to warn the young man. The young woman believes herself to be descended from a race of ancient mermaids and is forced to kill during a full moon but things may not be as they seem. ***

Lightning Bolt (1966) Rethe, an evil madman, is sabotaging NASA’s latest moon project for his own nefarious plans. The government decides to send Lt. Harry Sennet on a mission to track down the lair of this international criminal and stop him once and for all. **

In the final analysis of this 50 movie set. There are a little over a dozen films that are really good and than there are alot on here that a less than spectacular, but where else can you get 50 movies for $30?

If you love classic cinema as much as I do I recommend you head on over to or your local DVD store and pick up a copy of "The Sensational Sixties" from Mill Creek Entertainment and enjoy the cinema of the flower power generation on DVD.
Moral Rating: Profanity, violence and nudity in certain films
Audience: Parental Guidance
Genre: Muti-Genre
Length: Almost 72 hours
Released: 2012
Our Rating: B-