The Sexploiters (2007) – By Brian Morton

 For those of us who missed the hey-day of the grindhouse, it’s nice to see that, thanks to Retro-Seduction Cinema, it’s now possible for us to see what kind of movies were being shown to the people on 42nd street. The latest is the re-release of the 1957 movie, The Sexploiters, which, I have to believe is pretty standard sexploitation fare.

The story here (such as it is) is very simple, housewives who need money decide that, if they pose for nude pictures and entertain at parties, they’ll have all the cash they need and their husbands won’t suspect a thing as long as they work the same hours that the men do. So, we follow one housewife as she leaves the house in the morning after her husband and heads to a building downtown where she poses for pictures, then she heads to a party with two other girls and finally drops in on a ‘special’ customer who wants a scantily clad woman to mourn him while he’s in a coffin. In case you haven’t guessed, the whole point of the movie is to see topless women, there’s no sex (it’s only implied), there’s no pubic regions seen and the whole thing is narrated by a guy who’s voice is so creepy that it takes a lot away from the ‘sexiness’ of the movie.

Now, I’ve got nothing against naked women…in fact, I’m a big fan…but these movies are the obvious precursors to porn, I’m sure they were the porn of their day. Now, don’t think I’m all negative on this movie, The Sexploiters is kind of fun. After all, this is the dirty movie that your dad might have enjoyed and, if you can ignore the fact that these women are now about the age of your mothers or grandmothers, it is an interesting piece of movie history. If you’d like to check The Sexploiters out for yourself, drop in to the Retro-Seduction Cinema web site and grab a copy for yourself. I’m giving The Sexploiters two and a half out of four cigars, because, while it’s fun to see a movie that actually played in a grindhouse, between the inane plot and the really grueling soundtrack music, it can be hard to get through at times. So, until next time, when I’ll be digging through more grindhouse fare, remember that the best movies are bad movies.