The Shadow Annual (2013) – By Jason S. Lockard

The Shadow! He has been in comic books, radio, movies and tv since the 1930s. The noir vigilante lives on in Dynamite Comics and I got the extreme pleasure of getting a copy of The Shadow Annual 2013.

In this 40 page comic release Lamont Cranston aka The Shadow and Margo Lane travel to Las Vegas. The Shadow has heard rumors of an unspeakable evil brewing in the desert… one with a link to his own past. Seems like an easy story to follow, but there were times it seemed a little hard to follow.

The art work in this comic is like something from the golden era of comics, It’s not visually mind blowing as many of the comics today! However there is something to be said for that old style graphics. When I read this comic I felt as thought I was taking a trip back in time. Which made reading this comic even more enjoyable.

In the final analysis this is what you would expect from an annual. The story is gritty and mature and if you are a fan of The Shadow, this is exactly what you want. At only $4.99 it is not a bad price for 40 pages of The Shadow adventure! So head over to and pick up a copy of The Shadow Annual 2013.

Moral Rating: mild violence, scary images
Audience: teens and adults
Genre: Comic Book
Released: 2013
Rating: A-