The Sins Of Government (2004) – By Brian Morton

 Everyone loves a good conspiracy theory. Don’t be ashamed, you can admit it, believe them or not, it’s always fun to try to see the puppet-master who’s pulling the strings, whether it’s behind UFO’s or an assassination plot or just the government in general. It’s something that the majority of us like or else Oliver Stone would be out of a job. Now, within this kind of movie there are two kinds there’s the joyless Oliver Stone type that take their ‘message’ and beat you over the head with it until you just want to leave the theatre and then there’s the type that tell a great story, mix in a bit of the conspiracy theory magic, but mostly just want to be a good movie, that’s the type of movie you’ll find in The Sins Of Government.

The Sins Of Government is two movies built in one around a single premise. The premise is that the American government has been infiltrated by the reptilian Illuminati, a race that’s as old as the planet and has the ability to change shapes at will and use the human race as cattle. The Sins Of Government is sort of a twilight zone of conspiracy/horror movies. Host David Aten hosts two different movies, Rites Of The Illuminati and Ultra. The Rites Of The Illuminati introduces the idea of the reptilians running things. When Bill Clayton, a man involved with the CIA’s legendary MK Ultra project gets into a little trouble gambling, he attempts to sell his knowledge to the Illuminati, not understanding that the Illuminati will take what they want any way they can get it and casualties are not an issue since we humans are only cattle to them anyway. Bill’s attempt to solve his problem only leads to his ultimate compromise and destruction.

Ultra is the story of Chris Wilder, Chris has been conditioned by the CIA’s MK Ultra project, which uses torture and abuse to facilitate mind control, and when Chris’ conditioning breaks down and she begins questioning her own life, the CIA attempt to re-induct her into the project. Torturing her, humiliating her and using drugs to attempt to regain control of Chris’ mind. When the project believes she’s been put back under their control, Chris is released as a killing machine again into society, only to have the programming break down again.

The Sins Of Government may sound like a joyless government bashing movie, but it more than that. This is a movie that introduces an idea that could carry on for quite a while with the humans rebelling against the Illuminati, I could see a series of movies or even a TV series based around this concept. For a low budget movie, The Sins Of Government is surprisingly top shelf. The story is great, the acting is very strong and the locations and look of the movie are beautiful, this is what low budget filmmaking should be, taking what you have and turning it into something great! My hat is off to Ron Atkins and John Brodie, they’ve put together a movie that I’d love to see a sequel to. If you’d like to witness The Sins Of Government for yourself, you can drop over to The Dragonfly Group or Cut Throat Video to get a copy and see for yourself! So, until next time when I’ll reveal myself as a reptilian that’s trying to manipulate your mind into viewing low budget movies, remember that the best movies are bad movies!