The Slammin’ Salmon (2009) – By Brian Morton

In the world of comedy, Broken Lizard is one of those troupes that has gathered quite a cult following. From Super Troopers to Club Dread, they’ve managed to build a body of work that manages to stay fresh and interesting. Well, their new movie, The Slammin’ Salmon, takes the restaurant business and turns it on its head…and will have you laughing your ass off.

The story here is about a retired professional boxer, played by Michael Clarke Duncan, who’s invested his money a restaurant. When he loses a bet, he heads to the restaurant and informs the manager that he needs $20,000 by the end of the night, in a restaurant that’s best night only had them taking in $13,000! And, as in incentive, the waiter with the most sales will get a $10,000 bonus and the waiter with the least sales will get punched by the champ! It’s the kind of incentive package that most bosses love…minus the cash prize!

The Slammin’ Salmon is filled with great characters, a wonderful story and, best of all, it’s just funny! But, it’s really Michael Clarke Duncan as the owner who steals the show, he’s funny and scary all at the same time…but mostly he’s funny. If you’re looking for a laugh, then you won’t be disappointed with The Slammin’ Salmon! And, if you’ve ever worked in the restaurant business, then there’s a whole new layer of humor that most people won’t get! I’m giving The Slammin’ Salmon 3 and 1/2 out of 4 cigars, it’s not perfect, but it’s still a damn good silly comedy! You can find out more by heading over to the Anchor Bay Entertainment web page.