The Slim Duffy Show Ep. 4 “Slim in Love” (2017) – By Misty Layne


As far as I can tell, this is Episode 4 in a webseries titled “The Slim Duffy Show”. I’ve never seen any of the other episodes (and believe me, I won’t be watching any others, oy) so that made this episode a tad bit confusing as in I have no idea why that one weird guy in the bathrobe killed Slim’s blow-up doll. I mean, I KNOW he’s obsessed with him or something because he had Slim’s photo all over his walls, but I don’t know their history (did they used to date? Is bathrobe guy a rando stalker?). Bathrobe guy just shows up out of nowhere, dancing in the middle of a road in his underwear, about a minute into this episode. It’s all very…very.

In case you haven’t caught on by now, Slim Duffy is juvenile humor at its best (worst), so if that’s your bag, you will LOVE this webseries. It’s not my thing, so I hated it – I just kept having flashbacks to right after college when I was involved with a comedy/sketch troupe called “Nuns in Straitjackets” and some of the videos we filmed – so I’ll just give you the deets and let you decide if it’s something you’d be into. Basically, this guy Slim finds a blow-up doll laying on the side of the road and decides to take her home to be his girlfriend. Hijinks ensue like dancing underwear stalker, graphic making out with the blow-up doll, a blow-up doll blow job (blow blow job?…), and the horrific, tragic death of said blow-up doll. It’s all very silly and all very ridiculous. And the episode ends with “to be continued…” so I’m guessing Slim is going to try to get revenge on dancing underwear stalker for the death of his beloved. So. Yeah.

One thing I DID enjoy was the cinematography – that was really excellent. There were a lot of good shots, like the one of the outside of the house & the geese during coitus (just watch, don’t ask), and good framing. The locations were super pretty too. Seriously love the teensy house! So, it wasn’t all bad. And again, if you dig things like DUMB & DUMBER (of which this greatly reminded me of) then you will find NO bad here.

Watch at your own risk, but if you do watch, then enjoy the shenanigans! Learn more at the Slim Duffy Facebook page!