The Spirit Board (2016) – By Philip Smolen


A beautiful young woman (Ilaria Lamberti) moves into a lovely Italian villa. As she’s unpacking her books, she finds an old Ouija board in the house. Later that night she decides to try it out. Unknowingly, she releases the evil spirit that dwells in her new home. Angered that its home has been sold, the skeleton-like creature chases the young woman throughout the house, determined to scare her away. But the young lady doesn’t frighten so easily, and she turns the table on the pesky poltergeist and soon has it on the run.

“The Spirit Board” is the latest short horror film from Italian filmmaker Andrea Ricca. Like all of his other films, Ricca writes, directs and creates the CGI special effects for “The Spirit Board” and they’re quite impressive. The ghoul is appropriately terrifying and it looks very much like a homage to Ray Harryhausen’s zombie ghoulies from “Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger” (1977). Ricca also knows how to create a good jump scare and he uses this technique effectively.

Unfortunately, what hasn’t changed in Ricca’s films is the basic premise. From “Spider Danger” (2012) to “Aliens Night” (2014), his plots consist of a pretty girl being chased around by an ugly monster until the heroine finds her inner Ellen Ripley and vanquishes her opponent. There’s never any dialogue in Ricca’s films and there’s really no plot development. His films just go from Point A to Point B and then end.

“The Spirit Board”, like all of Ricca’s movies is an effective short monster film. However, I would really like to see him develop more as a screenwriter and director and incorporate his CGI effects into a film that takes more chances. He’s taken these short subjects just about as far as they can go. Now it’s time for him to do more.

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