The Spooky Ghost (2013) – By Philip Smolen

Andrea Ricca is an independent Italian filmmaker who has been making fantastic-themed shorts for a few years now including “Spider Danger”, “The Furfangs”, “The Guardian”, and “UFO Race.” His new short is “The Spooky Ghost” and it’s the story of a beautiful young woman (Francessca Simonelli) who runs out of gas one night. She walks over to a nearby house to see if she can get some fuel. Instead, she enters a haunted house occupied by the deceased owner. After being chased around for a while, the young woman decides she’s had enough and gets even with her ethereal tormentor.

Like most of Ricca’s films, “The Spooky Ghost” is thin on plot and dialogue, but long on imagination and nifty CGI effects. They are extremely well done and quite inventive, considering his lack of budget. My favorite effect occurs early in the movie as Simonelli wanders through the deserted house. As she enters a room, her own shadow morphs into a ghostly apparition. It’s an eerie and devilish trick and brought an instant smile to my face.

Ricca borrows a lot from other films. His ghost looks to be inspired by the 1995 movie “Casper”, and Simonelli’s methods for ridding herself of her tormentor come straight out of several Looney Toons. Still, this is an amusing short that is appealing and kid-friendly. It’s obvious that Ricca’s shorts are influenced by classic fantasy cinema. I hope he continues to draw inspiration from them in his future films.

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