The Stink of Flesh (2005) – By Jason Patfield

 Zombie movies to me are the greatest thing since the electric chair, and when I came across The Stink of Flesh at the local video store, I was left wondering why the hell I haven’t heard this movie before?      
With reviews on the box like it “Kicked me in the balls repeatedly…I prefer this over SHAUN OF THE DEAD” and “A fantastic entry in the zombie subgenre…better than 28 DAYS LATER” I was surprised that it had not found its way into my grips sooner.

The Stink of Flesh is about Matool, a hammer wielding, zombie killing badass who spends most of his days fighting for his life in a zombie wasteland, that’s up until he is kidnapped by Nathan and taken home to be used as a play toy for his girlfriend Dexy.

Sounds interesting, it did to me also but after I sprung a hefty $25.99 for the Special Edition, which I must admit does have a nice amount of extras; I found there was a reason why I never heard of The Stink of Flesh.
Don’t get me wrong, the acting was not bad, the makeup was sufficient, the storyline was, well, there… and Scott Phillips did a great job directing and editing the film, so why can I not recommend The Stink of Flesh?
A few reasons, first would have to be the pacing, the story starts off like a zombie movie should, then about 30 minutes into the story it turns into a soft core porno, then it just becomes boring? Once the story gets moving again, I could care less.

The other thing I didn’t care for was the inconstancy of the zombie’s movement; I find many zombie movies suffer from this. Some were aggressive; others were not, at times Matool has no problems running past the brainless corpses and other times we find him struggling with them, like they were on zombie steroids or something.

Finally the biggest problem I had with The Stink of Flesh was the comparison to SHAUN OF THE DEAD and 28 DAYS LATER. As many know both of those are high ranking zombie films which have captured major cult status for good reasons and in my eye’s The Stink of Flesh is not even in that league.

To sum it up, I don’t think The Stink of Flesh will appeal to all, never the less if you are a fan of the genre you might think about giving this a view.

Stars: **/*****
DVD extras: ****/*****