The Stolen Wings (2009) – By Brian Morton

Magic and fairy and creatures of myth are all around us…at least they are since Harry Potter has been such a world wide phenomenon! Well, that’s not the only place to find these creatures, a new short from Gerard Lough, The Stolen Wings, tells us a tale of magic and sorcery in just under 5 minutes…and it’s as compelling as Harry Potter too!!

The Stolen Wings is the story of a young woman and her daughter, its bed time and the youngster wants a story, so mom tells a tale of an evil sorcerer who wants the magic from the last fairy’s wings. Told in a wonderful poem, the tale ends with you wondering how much of mom’s story was made up.

The Stolen Wings sports some pretty amazing photography, it looks amazing and that adds to the magic of this short. The acting is good and the writing (especially the poem) is terrific! I’m giving The Stolen Wings 4 out of 4 cigars, if you’re a fan of the swords and sorcery genre, then this will be right up your alley! And, you can check it out for yourself right now over at