The Taste of Copper (2006) – By Brian Morton

Sci-Fi is a very difficult thing to do on a low budget, mostly because we expect a ton of special effects and those can be nearly impossible on a low budget. Well, a movie from Michael Stratigakis called The Taste of Copper does a great sci-fi story, without needing a ton of effect and treating the subject with a realism that’s amazing.

Daniel is a scientist working on a project that could change the shape of the world. He’s also in love with Rebecca, another scientist working on the project with him. The project is human cloning and Daniel has cracked it, he’s actually cloned himself and it’s looking like it’s working perfectly….until it’s revealed that Daniel has modified the DNA of the clone to make it a better project…and that’s where the trouble begins. It all leads to murder, intrigue and an ending that will leave you wondering what the hell just happened!!!

I’m giving The Taste of Copper 4 out of 4 cigars; it’s a wonderful film that’s well acted and it just amazingly written. It’s well worth your time to check it out! Find out more by heading over to