The Teleported Man (2012) – By Brian Morton

Sometimes the past is best left there; we tend to remember things through our own peculiar lens…and not particularly an accurate one. In The Teleported Man from writer/director Zach Endres, one man learns this the hard way!

We meet a convict who’s volunteered for an experiment. As he walks toward what might be his death, he stops to say goodbye to his son, who he’s hoping he’ll see as a free man on the other side of the test. He’s going to be teleported from one chair to another, the first human teleportation ever! He sits down, is strapped in, and is ready, but, when he’s teleported something happens, he’s transported back to the night of his crime and is faced with having to see things as they really happened…not as he remembers them…..and, when he’s returned, he’s changed more than he ever thought he would be.

Endres has put together a short that’s a great story with a moral that resonates with you…even if you’re not in prison. As the convict is faced with his past, you can’t help but think about your own past and if the things you remember are accurate, or just filtered through your own personal prism. I’m giving The Teleported Man 4 out of 4 cigars, it’s one of those great shorts that will entertain you and then inspire a terrific conversation afterward! Head over to and find out where you can see this amazing short today!!!