The Terror (1963) – By Jason S. Lockard


When you say B horror films several names come to mind. One of those names is Boris Karloff. Throw in Jack Nicholson for good measure and what you have is a B horror classic entitled The Terror now on Blu-ray from The Film Detective.

The film follows Lt. Andre Duvalier, a Napoleonic cavalry soldier who comes upon a mysterious woman named Helene. He is immediately taken with Helene, even though she seems to be leading him into deadly traps. When Duvalier seeks refuge at a baron’s nearby castle, Helene unexpectedly appears there. The baron is convinced that Helene is the ghost of his long-departed wife Ilsa, but the lieutenant believes Helene is under a hypnotic spell.

The Terror holds a special place in my heart as it was one of the first horror films I ever watched on TV. The film has been in the public domain it seems like forever and is available on DVD in discount bins everywhere, but the quality is suspect to say the least.

On this blu-ray The Terror has been cleaned up and it looks better than any of the copies I have seen. I was very impressed with this release. The only downfall I can say about this Blu-Ray is there are no bonus features, but the film is enough for any true B horror movie lover.

So if you are a fan of B horror movies, Boris Karloff and Roger Corman, The Terror on Blu-ray is a must have. Head over to and pick this one up today!

Moral Rating: Scary images
Audience: Teens and Adults
Genre: horror
Length: 1 Hour 15 minutes
Blu-Ray Release: 2016
Blu-Ray Rating: A-