The Thought Exchange (2012) – By Brian Morton

Most of us have an opinion about ‘self help’ books, whether it’s good or bad, it’s definitely a topic that doesn’t evoke apathy. Well, a new movie by Usher Morgan takes the concept and turns it into a film…with surprising results.

The Thought Exchange is based on a book by David Friedman, who is front and center in the film, a book that takes the power of positive thinking and takes it a step further. The idea here is that your thoughts can be interpreted in many ways, the example used in the film is, if you have a raised heart rate, sweaty palms, and shaking, it could be a panic attack or it could be an orgasm, both things evoke the same sensations, and experiencing and interpreting sensations is what this philosophy is all about.

It’s a sound philosophy, based (it seems to me) on common sense, but one that still feels a bit ‘new age-ish’ to me. I’m not ordinarily one that goes for the ‘self help’ aisle in the book store, but if you are, this is a great way to get started on this program, The Thought Exchange feels like a self help book in film form, and Morgan makes the whole package look great, the effects, music and overall look of the film is great!

If you’re a ‘self-helper’, then you’ll love The Thought Exchange, if you’re not, it’s still an interesting movie and philosophy. I’m giving The Thought Exchange 3 out of 4 cigars, it’s not for everyone, but this isn’t one of those self help programs that will make you wonder if it’s a cult or not! Find out more, and exchange a few thoughts for yourself over at