The Three Stooges in Swing Parade (2007) – By Jason S. Lockard

Slapping, eye-poking, hair-pulling these thing are synonymous with The Three Stooges. More Larry and Curly were a huge part of my childhood. Now as an adult I still find the antics of The Three Stooges as hilarious as I did when I was a child. So when I received this DVD from Legend Films I was ready to enjoy some Three Stooges fun with a film I admit I had never seen.

Swing Parade follows the boys who work at a nightclub as plumbers, waiters, dishwashers anything the club needs. Danny Warren’s (owner of the club) father wants Danny to join him in the family business and will stop at nothing to shut down his night club. Enter Carol (Gale Storm) a down on her luck chorus girl who finds herself with a job in the club. Danny instantly is intrigued by her. The Stooges do their best to encourage this budding romance, but will their love be able to flourish or will Danny’s father end this romance? You’ll have to watch the film to find out! This film is filled with great music and singing, a sweet little story and the wacky antics of The Three Stooges is just icing on the cake.

Not only does this DVD feature the restored black and white and colorized film, but then bonus features. An audio commentary from Mike Nelson of Mystery Science theater, trailers, film clips and most notably of all a complete episode of Gale Storm’s classic TV series My Little Margie.

If you love The Three Stooges as much as I do, this little classic is defiantly one you need to add to your collection. I highly recommend you head over to or your local DVD provider and get your copy today.

Moral Rating: Nothing Offensive
Audience: Family
Genre: Musical Comedy
Length: 74 Minutes
DVD Released: 2007
DVD Rating: B