The Three Stooges Knuckleheaded Quizarama – By Philip Smolen

As a child of the 1960s, The Three Stooges were one of my babysitters. Every day after school I would come home and after dutifully doing my homework, I would put on WPIX-TV (a great old New York station) and watch their kid shows so I could forget the misery of going to Catholic School and being taught by the nuns. My favorite show was The Three Stooges which was hosted by Officer Joe Bolton (a former WPIX weatherman). Officer Joe would introduce each of the shorts and talk about the Stooges like they were his real friends. Sometimes even Moe Howard would make an actual appearance on the show (and it was shocking to see how old Moe really was). But I loved the physical comedy of the Stooges and though they would try to knock each other silly, their love for one another always shined through in their films.

So to celebrate the 79th year since the release of their first short, here’s a quick quiz on all things Stooges. How many of these questions can you answer? Answers and scores are at the end of the quiz. Now go put the yeast in, puddinhead!

*   *   *

1. How many shorts did the Three Stooges make for Columbia Pictures between 1934 and 1958?

a) 190 shorts
b) 250 shorts
c) 333 shorts

2. What is the most unusual aspect of The Three Stooges First Short “Woman Haters” (1934)?

a) Curly does not make an appearance
b) It is told entirely in rhyme
c) Shemp has a walk-on

3. Which famous TV actress had a starring role in the Stooge Short “Three Little Pigskins” (1934)?

a) Gracie Allen
b) Gale Storm
c) Lucille Ball

4. What is the Stooges’ mantra for the short “Men in Black” (1934)?

a) “For Duty and Humanity!”
b) “We are morons tried and true!”
c) “One for all and all for one!”

5. In the classic short “You Nazty Spy” (1940) what is the name of the country that the Stooges take over?

a) Hoi Polloi
b) Moronica
c) Vulgaria

6. Which is the only Stooges’ short to feature both Curly and Shemp?

a) “Hold That Lion” (1947)
b) “Uncivill Warbirds (1946)
c) “Shivering Sherlocks” (1948)

7. In the later part of their career, the Stooges remade many of their earlier shorts. Which of the following is a remake of their short “Phony Express” (1943)?

a) “Merry Mavericks” (1951)
b) “Gents in a Jam” (1952)
c) “Crash goes the Hash” (1944)

8. What was Shemp’s last short with the Stooges?

a) “Husbands Beware” (1956)
b) “Hoofs and Goofs” (1957)
c) “For Crimmin’ Out Loud” (1956)

9. What other famous comedians did the Stooges’ Joe Besser work for?

a) Bob Hope and Bing Crosby
b) Abbott and Costello
c) Martin and Lewis

10. Which of the following is not a Three Stooges Movie?

a) “Out West” (1947)
b) “Rockin in the Rockies” (1945)
c) “Have Rocket Will Travel (1959)

11. Which of the Stooges lived the longest?

a) Moe Howard
b) Larry Fine
c) Joe Besser

12. What year did the great Stooge renaissance take place?

a) 1955
b) 1957
c) 1965


*   *   *

Answer Key:

1. (a) 190 shorts (all between 1934 to 1958)
2. (b) it is told entirely in rhyme
3. (c) Lucille Ball
4. (a) “For Duty and Humanity” (they are doctors)
5. (b) Moronica
6. (a) “Hold that Lion”
7. (a) “Merry Mavericks”
8. (c) “For Crimmin’ Out Loud”
9. (b) Abbott and Costello (He played Stinky on their TV show)
10. (a) “Out West” was just a regular Stooge short
11. (c) Joe Besser died in 1988. Moe and Larry died in 1975.
12. (b) 1957 – that was the year Columbia Pictures sold all the Stooges shorts to TV and they were instantly elevated to stardom by the baby boomers.


*   *   *


0-3 correct – Bubblebrain
4- 6 correct – Chowderhead
7-9 correct – Knucklehead
10-12 correct – True Stoogeaphile