The Tick: The Entire Series (2014) – By Jason S. Lockard

I love everything comic book and superhero and The Tick is an interesting character in the superhero universe. He was part superman and part lunatic. For real The Tick was an escaped lunatic from a nearby mental institution. So needless this TV series would be an interesting one.

The Tick live action series debuted in 2001 and followed the adventures of The Tick his side kick Arthur and fellow superheroes Batmanuel and Captain Liberty. With those name you know your not in for a serious hero series. Patrick Warburton plays The Tick to his absurdly Adam West Batman style best with hilarious results. All 9 half-hour episodes in this series are gems. Sadly Fox didn’t give this series a chance to grow an audience and it was cancelled after only 8 episodes were aired.

This DVD features all 9 episodes in good quality the DVD menu is easy to access it is a fun-filled release! So if you love comic book and superhero tv as much as I do this is an absolute must have for your DVD collection and at only $9.98 that is a steal. Head over to or your local DVD store and pick up a copy of "The Tick" from Mill Creek Entertainment and you can enjoy superhero comedy at it’s best.

Moral Rating: Mild Violence
Audience: Parental Guidance
Genre: Comedy
Length: Over 3 hours
Released: 2014
Our Rating: A+