The Tribe: Series One Part Two (2012) – By Jon Reino

The Tribe is a series hailing from New Zealand that has achieved a cult international fan base. It originally aired in April of 1999 and continued for 5 seasons. The show is focused around several groups of kids who have all formed "tribes" after a mysterious virus kills off the adult population. The series is mainly a teen drama focusing on the interactions of the kids and how they fend for themselves.

In the April issue of Rogue Cinema, the first set of this season of the show was reviewed, and unfortunately there is no real change in the second set of the season. The DVD packaging is very similar in style of course, but with different character’s pictures. The DVD’s themselves look the same as the first set, but as was the case with the first set, nothing else about this package delivers. The menus are identical, which means that they are unprofessional with the irritating theme music from the show. The only extra feature in the set is a "making of" featurette, which apparently is previously released.

As with the last set, if you are a fan of the show already it is a good deal to get the show on Region 1 DVD. If you are looking for something new or improved, however, you will not find it here. And again, the show is not good. The opening intro alone is enough to repel most people, and the show itself is poorly shot, acted, and written. Given, the actors are kids and can not be expected to give show-stopping performances, but the characters they are attempting to play are just absurd. Gangs of 14 year olds in a "Mad Max" type end of the world society is almost comedic. To top it all off the production value is far too low for a syndicated television show, it is on par with the daytime soap operas of the time.

Again, if you are a fan you should get the set, but it will be a disappointment for any newcomers looking for something new or exciting. Visit for all things The Tribe.