The Truth About Daisies (2016) – Jim Morazzini


Karen (Mig Windows) lives on the street of a beach town. When she has a chance of realizing her dreams of finding fame as a singer she finds herself caught between the two men in her life Kevin (john Cates) and James (Taylor Hood). She also tries to deal with the tragedy that estranged her from her family and put her on the streets.

Ron Huffstutter’s fifteen minute short The Truth About Daisies is a look at Karen and her relationships. And it’s a well enough made little drama with some good performances and music assuming you like the style. The way it incorporates the music into the film’s ending and credits is a nice touch as well.

It does have one big problem though. When Karen goes back to her family her father refers to her as having been gone for a year. She looks entirely to well dressed, clean and well fed to have been living on the street with Kevin and his friends for any length of time. This isn’t a slight to Window’s performance or her looks, she gives a good performance and certainly looks good with or without her clothes. It just isn’t a convincing look for a homeless person, especially as they got the look right for other street people in the film.

But if you can deal with that The Truth About Daisies is a good film and worth a watch for drama fans. It’s available as a $5 download from the company’s website: