The Turning Point (2006) – By Brian Morton

 It takes a brave person to make a movie, to have an idea that you think will be enjoyed by that many people and to take the risk of putting an idea out there is something that I genuinely admire. Well, imagine that your idea is to put yourself out there! That’s exactly what Ross Williams and his wife, Kristan, did, but not just putting their lives on film for all of us to see. Ross and Kristan took the most intimate time in any couples life, having a baby, and filmed the day to day changes that took place in their lives…now that’s brave!

The movie is called The Turning Point and it chronicles the pregnancy of the Williams’ through the birth of their son, Ash, but this isn’t a pregnancy documentary…at least not totally. The Turning Point shows everything (not graphically, you perv!) from the initial announcement to families, to an early setback (to put it lightly) and onto the changes that take place in a couple’s life when this happens. While, at times, The Turning Point moves a little slowly, it’s still a very good doc if you have kids or are thinking about kids. The most telling segment in the movie is when Ross, sitting in front of a camera beside his new son, announces that he’s not sure if he’s cut out for this fatherhood business. It’s not a doubt about having Ash as much as it’s a doubt of his own abilities, it’s a feeling that every young father has, but few are brave enough to voice.

The Turning Point, at times, plays like a TLC show, we see the day to day changes for this couple and follow them as they learn the changes that happen when a child comes into your life. It’s funny, passionate, entertaining and informative all at once! I have to give Ross and Kristan huge props for just chronicling this time in their lives, it’s a wonderful window into something that some people never have the chance to experience and they’re brave enough to show not just the fun, happy times, but the pain and the doubt that comes with every big life decision (and this is the biggest!). You can see the trailer and find out where you can see The Turning Point for yourself by following the link. I’m giving The Turning Point three and a half out of four cigars, while I and my wife enjoyed it immensely, I’m not sure if younger viewers would like this or not. So, until next time, when I’ll tell you again, I’m not pregnant, I just enjoy Hostess products, remember that the best movies are bad movies!