The Twilight Zone Season 1 (1963-1964) – By Jason S. Lockard

Even if you’ve never seen an episode of The Twilight Zone, you know doubt have heard of it! Although it wasn’t television first anthology series, it influenced so many other shows, including The Outer Limits, Star Trek, The X Files, Lost, Fringe and many more. Now RLJ Entertainment has released The Complete First Season of this ground breaking series.

The first season of The Twilight Zone had 36 memorable half hour episodes and featured stars such as Burgess Meredith, Ida Lupino, Jack Klugman, Roddy McDowall, Ted Knight, Ron Howard and more!

Some of the best episodes of this season include; ‘Where is Everybody?’ A man finds himself in a deserted town and can’t remember who he is. ‘Time enough at last’ A henpecked bank teller; who loves books, finds himself the lone survivor after a nuclear war. ‘People are alike all over’ Two men on a mission to Mars. One finds out that people are alike all over.

While this 5 disc DVD set has no bonus features, you get all 36 full unedited episodes in pristine quality and the DVD menus are just beautiful. Who could ask for anything more?

So if you love The Twilight Zone as much as I do, or if you have never seen this series; jump into the world of both shadow a light, with the first season. Also Image Entertainment is now offering The Complete Series on DVD. So head over to or your local DVD provider and get your copy today.

Moral Rating: Mild violence, scary images
Audience: teens and adults
Genre: Sci-fi
Length: Over15 hours
DVD Released: 2013
DVD Rating: A