The Uh-Oh Show (2010) – By Nic Brown

Herschell Gordon Lewis has been called the “Godfather of Gore”. In the 1960’s his films like 2000 MANIACS and THE WIZARD OF GORE were controversial, banned and considered some of the most shocking works in cinema for their day. Now the Godfather steps back behind the camera as both writer and director with his new film THE UH-OH SHOW.

Investigative reporter Jill Burton (Nevada Caldwell) sets out to solve the mystery behind the most popular late night cable television program in history: THE UH-OH SHOW. The program features contestants answering quiz show questions for cash and amazing prize packages. However, there is a catch, if you get a question wrong then everyone’s favorite game show host Jackie (Brooke McCarter from THE LOST BOYS) and his lovely assistant Champagne (Krista Grotte) will spin the saw and random chance will tell you which part of you Radial Saw Rex gets to hack off.

Jill doesn’t believe the show’s pitch that whatever is cut off is sewn back on by the shows team of crack surgeons and when her unemployed boyfriend disappears after trying to win some cash on the show she becomes determined to find out the truth. At the same time host Jackie and Champagne face their own problems as the network wants to take the program into prime time, but to do that it must become even more edgy.

THE UH-OH SHOW is a real return for Herschell Gordon Lewis to his gore splattered roots. Very reminiscent of scenes from THE WIZARD OF GORE the studio audience and the viewers at home watch as people are dismembered, disemboweled, burned, and more. The audience loves it and the social commentary is, while not subtle, very clear. Fans of Gordon-Lewis will also find the film filled with inside jokes and nods to his earlier works, which is a nice touch. Marcus Koch (100 TEARS, SWEATSHOP) is the man behind the actual blood and guts of the film and his skill with traditional special effects is quickly marking him as one of indie horror’s most talented FX artists.

THE UH-OH SHOW is definitely in the horror-comedy genre. Filled with so much slapstick humor and parody that one might rightly call it one of the most gruesomely gore filled comedies ever made. Herschell Gordon Lewis proves that he hasn’t lost his touch at making movies that can still manage to shock and entertain even today’s jaded horror audiences. So if you want to laugh your guts out, literally, check out THE UH-OH SHOW. But if you decide to go on the program remember to study up beforehand because if you get the answers wrong the old saying “it costs and arm and a leg” will take on a new meaning!