The Ultimate Rin Tin Tin Collection (2012) – By Jason S. Lockard

Lassie and Benji are considered the best among animal actors, but the first was Rin Tin Tin. The German Shepherd’s first break into film came in the silent era in 1922’s The Man From Hell’s River. Rin Tin Tin would be cast as a wolf.  Rin Tin Tin went on to star in many silent films and eventually did four talkies, including a 12-part serial entitled The Lightning Warrior (1931).

Rin Tin Tin died in August 1932 in Los Angeles according to legend in the arms of actress Jean Harlow, He was 13 years old.  Rin Tin Tin’s descendants appeared in approximately three dozen more films and 164 episodes of the television series "The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin." More importantly, the genetic line tracing back to the original Rin Tin Tin has been maintained in a line a service dogs for disabled children. In this Mill Creek collection of 8 films it stars Rin Tin Tin Jr. and Rin Tin Tin III. Here is a little about the films in this collection.

Our Rating System:

**** = Don’t Miss it!
*** = Worth a look.
** = An ok way to spend an evening.
* = You haven’t missed anything.

Disk 1:

Caryl of the Mountains (1936): Sgt. Brad Sheridan a mountie and Rin Tin Tin, Jr. are investigating the death of a fur trapper. Sheridan finds that the fur trapper’s daughter is accused of embezzling funds from the fur company where she works. Are these two events related?! Watch the film to find out! **

The Return of Rin Tin Tin (1947): A priest returns from World War 2 Europe with a young orphan boy, who has lost his faith in humanity. The only one the boy trusts is Rin Tin Tin; the dog brings joy back to the young boys heart. Will the boys world come crashing down once again when a man attempts to take Rin Tin Tin away from him. ***

Disk 2 Side A:

The Silver Trail (1937): A wandering cowboy attempts to locate a pal who has struck it rich in mining. When he gets to town, no one seems to have heard of the friend. Our hero must learn the truth before he himself disappears as well. **

The Test (1935): A fur trappers winter furs have been stolen. Rin Tin Tin sets out to track down the missing furs and retrieve them before his master faces hardships. **

Vengeance of Rannah (1936): Insurance Agent Ted Sanders has been called in to investigate a robbery and murder. The only witness to the murder was the man’s faithful canine companion Rannah (Rin Tin Tin Jr.). Teaming up, Ted Sanders and Rannah find themselves at odds with a gang of killers looking to eliminate them both. **

Disk 2 Side B:

Fangs of the Wild (1939): Foxes are mysteriously disappearing from fox farms and Agent Don has been sent to investigate. Brad and Pete are the culprits and they are using a dog that can climb the security fence to steal the foxes. Don brings a dog with him and when Carol sees a dog stealing a fox, she accuses Don. **

Law of the Wolf (1939): Carl Pearson has been wrongly convicted of killing his brother. With the help of another convict, he breaks out of prison to try to clear his name. **

Skull and Crown (1935): A Border Patrolman is preparing for the homecoming of his sister Barbara from a fashionable school. His dog Rinty is even gathering flowers in anticipation of her arrival. He is informed that Zorro, a notorious smuggler, has just crossed the line with a cargo of contraband. The Adventure is on! ***

In the end analysis the video and audio quality of these films are no the best, but you have to realize that your talking about films that are well over 70 years old. So what do you expect High definition and Dolby surround sound?! Than there is the discs! The first one is fine, but the second one is two sided which is one of my pet peeves! I’m just not a fan of the two sided discs.

I realize that this collection is not for everyone, but if you want to see the actions of a very smart animal and you love old films no matter how the quality is; by all means pick up The Ultimate Rin Tin Tin Collection. So head over to or you local video store to score your own copy!

Moral Rating: Nothing Offensive
Audience: Mild Violence
Genre: Drama
Length: Almost 8 hours
Released: 2012
Our Rating: B-