The Vampire Bat (1933) – By Jason S. Lockard


There is nothing like a classics film! Whether it’s drama, comedy, sci-fi or a good ole’ horror flick. Now the great folks at The Film detective and UCLA film and television archive bring us a horror classic, The vampire bat.

The film takes place in a small European village where corpses are turning up drained of blood. The town elders suspect a vampire is on the loose, but could a real blood sucking creature be on the loose or is it a more realistic explanation.

The cast in this classic horror tale includes the great Melvyn Douglas, the beautiful Faye Wray, the aristocratic Lionel Atwill and the sinister Dwight Frye. This film was perfectly cast in my humble opinion! The movie moves along well and you have no time to get board with the story because it’s just over an hour long.

The Vampire Bat blu-ray is presented in full screen and has been restored from a 35mm composite print. UCLA’s restoration recreates a color sequence not seen on any of the DVD/Blu-ray releases I’ve seen. I have to say the restoration of this film is stunning!

Than there is the bonus features! On this blu-ray release we get an audio commentary by film historian Sam Sherman who gives us some insight into this film. Than there is a featurette with Gregory Hesselberg who shares memories about his father Melvyn Douglas.

I have to say I was quite impressed with this blu-ray release! So if your a fan of Melvyn Douglas or of classic horror films this is an absolute must add film to your collection! Head over to and get your copy today!

Moral Rating: nothing offensive
Audience: all audiences
Genre: documentary
Length: 63 minutes
Released: 2017
Rating: A+