The Vampire Mistress (2013) – By Baron Craze

One may wonder why do a adult movie review, the answer simply, first it is a horror  themed film – vampires, secondly, Harry Sparks is an award winning director, writer, producer, and editor who has created mainstream horror films. He recently combined that talent with his newly designed studio Sparks Entertainment house and produce adult and erotic horror, fantasy and dark thrillers. His first horror feature, All Hallows’ Eve (2007) a mainstream production please note this film has no connection to Damien Leon’s film of the same title, which the release date occurred in 2013.  Harry then released a lesser-known horror-fantasy film, before achieving best awards, and numerous nominations for The Vampire Mistress. This film is clearly an adult erotic production, in the category of all women production the men’s appearances are only for storyline content purposes.

Adult horror or erotic thrillers, have a commonplace in the horror genre itself, whether or not it is accepted is a discussion for another article, in the past adult performers were consider persona non grata, in the mainstream arena, however times do change, and many performers have crossed over into the horror film realm. Many note Traci Lords, contributions to both, genres, but more so, with credits in horror films, yet, Ginger Lynn Allen (The Devil’s Rejects (2005)), Jasmin St. Claire who has four horror films in various stages of completion, the trend apparently more common as time progress. Then of recent times the adult film community drifted closer to the Horror Fans, with parodies of horror films, Jaws, Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street and genre creatures such as zombies (from Burning Angel) and vampires from so many other production companies, the demand exists, for if not, then the product wouldn’t have a following.

Therefore Harry’s The Vampire Mistress generated a massive pre-launch following with various sites from YouTube to Vimeo, running a clean version of his film’s trailers to the viewership of 10,000, all building the momentum for the movie. His film takes actress Dani Daniels as youthful reporter to investigate a fringe group known as ‘Vampire Society’ and taken her from a naïve standpoint to steamy seduction by bloodsucking Vampire Mistress Allison played by Lily LaBeau (Halloween: XXX Porn Parody (2011)), resulting in Dani as one of the chosen undead creatures to join the society or else. The film stays away from the common traits found in the more hardcore genre, remain, slightly softer, and providing an erotic journey, all on a very small budget that produces quality. Speaking of crossover Chris O’Brocki a rising star in the horror genre, most recently in director Brad Twigg’s Ghoulish Tales (2014) and worked with twice director Kevin Kangas’ Fear of Clowns and then his erotic charge horror crossover film Garden of Hedon (2011), appears in the film; too. Although less fanfare marks itself against the male actors in the genre when they appear in an adult film, only to switch back to mainstream again.  Such as the case with actor Mike E. Pringle who after this film goes on to star in The Hollywood Warrioress, by director Rusty Pietrzak, starring b-movie legends Edward X. Young and Deborah Dutch. The flick also stars Brittney Banxxx, Ariana Fox, and Darcy Tyler (This Ain’t Jaws XXX (2012)), rounding the feature, with some darker kinky activities occurring with multiple variations, finishing with a cliffhanger, setting up a sequel episode.

The film’s production uses a different variant than the common elements found in the industry, relying of Sparks’ style of green screens, and excessive computer graphics, which later on the limited edition DVD, used again with the digital comic book. In addition, Harry’s film received 12 nominations from various AVN and XBIZ, winning their award for best All-Girl Release in 2014, for his 78-minute urban vampire tale.  The double disc, contains, a slideshow of behind the scenes, a photo gallery, and special effects reel, of the tricks and effects used in the production and lastly a non-sexual version of the film clocking in at 23-minutes.

The Vampire Mistress brings a new style format to the filmmaking business side of this industry, hence lowering the costs, however, overall the sound quality lacks, nevertheless most individuals do not mind that aspect – sound quality loss. Simply one definitely knows what they intend to see in the film, no second-guessing, a fine addition to the vampire adult genre, and Harry already released his follow-up thriller Call Me Mother (2014).