The Walking Dead (2010) – By Brian Morton

Comic book fans salivated when AMC announced that it would bring The Walking Dead to life. Now, I was excited, but not expecting a whole lot, boy, was I wrong! The Walking Dead is, without a doubt, the best TV show of the past year…and, if you didn’t get a chance to see it, you’re in luck, because Anchor Bay is putting it on DVD and Blu-Ray!

The Walking Dead is the story of Rick Grimes, a small town deputy who wakes out of a coma to find that the dead have risen and society as he remembered it is over. While most people saw this as ‘just another zombie series’, The Walking Dead is so much more than that, the zombies are really a back drop for some of the best drama TV has ever seen, there’s great acting, great stories, cliffhanger endings and all of it against the back drop of the dead feeding on the living. Whether you’re a zombie fan or not, The Walking Dead is a great show, the drama playing out between the survivors is riveting and leaves you wanting more. The six episodes race past and then you’ll have to wait with the rest of us until the end of 2011 for more.

This DVD also has a ton of extras that will keep you happy until the new season, there’s behind the scenes features, there commentary tracks for every episode and it’s enough walking dead to keep you shuffling along until the new season gets here. And, if it’s not, you can always grab the comic books and enjoy those!

I’m giving The Walking Dead 4 out of 4 cigars, because I can’t give it 5 out of 4 cigars! It’s the best show that you’re going to love seeing again and again! Get yourself shuffling over to and get this series for yourself…or you’ll regret it!