The Walking Dead Girls (2011) – By Duane L. Martin

Zombies in general have long held a fascination for horror fans since George Romero first brought them to the screen in Night of the Living Dead. Zombies themselves have had many different incarnations, from slow, brainless and gimpy to fast, smart and deadly. Of late however, another incarnation has reared it’s head – the hot zombie girl.

The Walking Dead Girls is a sort of a documentary slash interview piece about the emergence of hot zombies. It’s also something else, but I’ll get to that in a minute.

This…whatever you’d call it, as I’m not really sure how to class it, really serves two separate purposes, and in fact feels like two separate entities put together. On the one hand, we have this girl at a convention, dressed up as a "Zimbie", which I guess is the new term for zombie bimbo, interviewing various people at the convention, including George Romero, Bruce Campbell, and Linnea Quigley. She’s wearing this horribly garish hot pink wig, a black bustier and has what looks like a railroad spike through her arm. Basically, it’s a horrible get up, but not as horrible as some of the questions she asks these legends of b-cinema. When you get a chance to interview a legend, no one wants to hear what their favorite food is or what their favorite car is. People want to hear the behind the scenes stuff. The real dirt about the films these people have made and the genre they work in. Questions like that are better suited to a casual conversation over coffee than an interview that’s going to be released on video.

Then we have the other aspect of this release, where they show a behind the scenes look at the make-up and the photo shoots of the various girls in the Zombie Girls calendar, which was also released by Cheezy Flicks, and which also makes you feel like this whole release is little more than one giant advertisement for the calendar. However, that being said, it’s really not all that bad. Seeing the make-up work on the girls and how the various photoshoots went is actually rather interesting. The girls, most of whom have never been a zombie before, seemed to approach it all with a great attitude and a sense of fun. In fact, these segments of the film are more interesting than the interview segments to be perfectly honest. The interviews actually felt rather awkward to me, not only because of the questions, but because seeing her dressed like that and interviewing these people, I just couldn’t take it seriously, and it seemed to me like the people being interviewed felt a little awkward as well. The Bruce Campbell interview, to me at least, felt the most awkward of the three. The girls from the calendar who talked on camera didn’t feel awkward at all. Then again, they weren’t being interviewed by a "zimbie" in a hot pink wig.

Lloyd Kaufman also makes an appearance to talk about the subject matter as only he can. If you’ve ever seen an interview with Lloyd Kaufman, you’ll pretty much have an idea of what this one was like.
This release isn’t horrible, as there are some interesting comments from the three legends during their interviews, but to be honest, it all just feels like background to me. Like something that would be running on one of the TV’s in a video store rather than something you’d actually sit down and watch for entertainment. Basically, it’s ok. Nothing special, just ok.

This DVD is currently available from Amazon and the other usual outlets.