The Wife’s Letter (2016) – By MIsty Layne


Guys…I’m just gonna be upfront here. This is going to be a fairly short review (for which I feel badly about) but I have NO CLUE what this film is about. 2 1/2 hours and NO idea what I was supposed to take away from it. There was a vague mention of a letter, some random dialogue every half-hour or so, but mostly just images and shadows flashing across the screen while music of India played. I think maybe someone’s wife left them?? This is the synopsis at any rate:

“The Wife’s Letter is an adaptation of Salvador Dali’s art form and an amalgamation with Rabindranath Tagore’s short story of the same name. Here, the protagonist named X is the personified variable in Mathematics who is suffering from schizophrenia and hence, his personality is not constant and varies. In this story, a LEAF has been considered to be a constant and X must be equal to that LEAF in order to validate language. This is an attempt to prove that Mathematics does not constitute emotions, sentiments and is comprising mere calculations; however, one’s life cannot be completely manipulated. Here, the protagonist travels through three worlds to discover himself trying to equate himself to the LEAF.”

I barely know what that synopsis means, tbh. Math is NOT my thing, particularly when you add letters to the numbers. I mean, I don’t know why math would be equated with the psychology of emotions in the first place – it’s constant and boring, the answer is always the same. If anyone can explain this synopsis to me, I would be super happy!

Look, the music in this film was excellent and I really did adore the work done with shadows and light. But this was less of an abstract work, more of an artistic experiment with pictures and entwined sound and no plot. Aneek Chaudhuri obviously worked hard on this film and I commend them for that, but the film just didn’t work for me. SOMETHING needs to make sense; there needs to be at least one recognizable thing tying the story together; and that just wasn’t here.

You can still check out THE WIFE’S LETTER on IMDB and the British Council site to see judge for yourself though.