The Wingmen (2013) – By Philip Smolen

Dan (Dwight Cenac) and Lionel (Ryan Rickenbach) are the kind of friends that every guy needs. They will always do the right thing to help out their friend Otto (Charles Marleau), especially when it comes to picking up women for him. Dan and Lionel are always trying to make sure that Otto gets the girl. But both buddies become suspicious when they set up Otto with a lovely young woman named Becky (Sophie Rosenthal). They start to feel that there’s something just not right about her. You see Becky doesn’t blink, she’s a pathological liar and both wingmen are convinced that Becky has a knife collection! So Dan and Lionel break into her apartment and snoop around, determined to find the evidence to convince their friend that he’s dating a looney.

“The Wingmen” is a cool new short film from Leon Mitchell and Daniel Vakharia. They take the basic “looking out for my friend” buddy scenario and wring every last laugh out of it. Dan and Lionel are two well-meaning buffoons who are so certain of their own idiotic wingmen theories, that they’ll do anything to prove that they’re right, which leads to some highly amusing situations and revelations.

From its bright, witty script that pokes fun at serial killer movies, to the humorous performances by all four leads to the great twist ending, “The Wingmen” is great, goofy fun. Mitchell and Vakharia have made a clever send-up of the buddy comedy that is both wicked and playful. I loved it.

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