The Wolf and The Baby (2016) – Jim Morazzini


A baby is about to be born, a very special baby and the powers of eveil want to get their hands on that baby. Just might be representing the various factions of evil you might ask? Well, how about a Satanic gynecologist, a homicidal vagrant who possesses mystical powers, a mysterious priest, a Nazi, and Santa Claus. As if that wasn’t enough there’s a pregnant man and an elf who really wants Santa’s candy cane.

Beginning with an exorcism that quickly turns to murder the film quickly sets a tone of over the top and warped humor. The tone is almost like Monty Python had teamed up with The Three Stooges to make a horror film from a script by Mel Brooks. The comedy is all over the map from inspired wordplay to cheesy sight gags and held together by a plot that really can’t be explained. Well, it probably could but it would probably sound awful, and it’s not, it’s damn good. And even better you don’t need me to tell you the plot Anti-films has put it up free to watch on YouTube, I’ll even give you the link at the end of the review.

Bear in mind this is very low budget indie film making. Don’t be expecting flashy effects, recognizable cast members or exotic locations. There are effects and gore, but think more along the lines of the original Evil Dead than more realistic splatter, which is fine since it is a comedy first and horror film second. It’s also, in case my description didn’t make it clear, not exactly politically correct. Just about everything gets gets skewered and damn little is out of bounds, so expect to be offended at some point or another. It does run a bit long at about an hour and forty five minutes, but it never really drags, which is a lot more than you can say for a lot of films.

William Bigos and Nicholas Mozak have done wonders with a close to non existent budget and a script that started life as two shorts before being combined. The film has been accepted for this year’s Tromadance festival which will hopefully get it plenty more exposure and maybe even distribution beyond YouTube. If you have a warped sense of humor, by all means check this out now.


And the movie itself: