The Wretched (2010) – By Brian Morton

Why is it that evil seems to live on farms?  Well, that’s a question that’s way too deep for me, a simple bad movie guy, so, let’s just accept the fact that farms are bad and we should all just avoid them!  And, if the kids in the new movie, The Wretched, had seen this, an interesting movie might never have been made!

Here’s the story, seven students have gone to an abandoned farm to do soil studies.  They’re going to spend a week, roughing it and taking samples for a college paper.  But, what they don’t know is that the land that they’re on is cursed, and anyone who ‘works the soil’ is damned.  They soon realize it, when one of their own goes a bit crazy, and soon they begin turning up dead!  Can they figure out what the curse is and can they break it before it’s too late?

The Wretched is exactly what it seems to be, a good old fashioned scary movie.  Set in a foreboding farm, with great acting and an amazing story, The Wretched is what most indie movies want to be, just a great movie.  Daniel B. Iske and his crew should be very proud, they’ve put together a movie that will stand up to repeated viewings and really make you wonder what happens next!  I’m giving The Wretched 4 out of 4 cigars, its well worth your time and money!  You can get a copy for yourself by heading over to