The X-Files / 30 days of Night (2015) – By Jason S. Lockard


Fans love it when their favorite characters crossover and nobody does it better than IDW Publishing. The newest one is a natural fit. The 30 days of night vampires in the world of the X-files.

The book starts when a darkness has fallen on Wainright, Alaska, as 40 frozen bodies are arranged at the top of a 40-foot pole. Only two people can be qualified to investigate such an occurance. Those two are Mulder and Sculley. The two have been chasing answers to the unexplained for years. This case is right up their ally. Although as we now the only problem the vampires from the world of 30 days of night are not affected by crosses or garlic.

This book is 144 page as eye pleasing art and page turning story. This crossover is perfect! It feels like this could have easily have been an episode of The X-Files anytime during the series run. Writers Steve Niles and Adam Jones along with the artwork of the legendary Tom Mandrake make this book an absolute must have for X-Files or 30 days of night fans.

I can not say enough how much I enjoyed this book! This is getting a special place on my shelf! I must warn that this is for mature readers! The violent images will be to intense for kids and there is some adult language. But If you want to enjoy one of the best books of The X-Files ever read head over to

Moral Rating: Violence
Audience: Mature audiences only
Genre: Sci-fi / horror
Released: 2015
Our Rating: A+