The Zombie Chronicles (2001) – By Brian Morton

 Ordinarily when I read that back of a DVD and it compares itself to Tales From The Crypt, I get a sinking feeling in my stomach, which means ‘no good lies ahead’, but in the case of The Zombie Chronicles, I was sadly (or gladly) mistaken.

The Zombie Chronicles is basically the tale of Melinda, a reporter looking for a small town where it’s rumored that everyone disappeared, but the problem is that no matter what map she checks, she can’t seem to find this mystery town. In looking at her map, she nearly runs over an old guy, Ebenezer Jackson, who is strangely uninjured by the car…can you see this coming?…I could. Well, Ebenezer promises to take Melinda to her little town in exchange for a ride, and the rest, as they say, is history.

When they arrive at the place where the town once was, Ebenezer proceeds to tell Melinda two stories of why the town is deserted. The first is a Twilight Zone-type tale of a retired military man and his girlfriend, who, after having car trouble, take a detour into the ‘zombie zone’. It seems that our military man ran a recruit to death and when his girlfriend and the guy she’s cheating on him with run him to death, the recruit returns from the dead to exact the revenge that they’ve cheated him of.

The second story is a camping tale combined with a tall western tale that ends up in death and destruction. These two stories feel a little tired, in that I feel like I’ve heard these stories before in some form or another, but the special effects are first rate for a low budget movie. The zombies aren’t your standard ‘people painted white with dark rings under their eyes’, they actually went to the time and effort to make these people up remarkably well! The wrap-around story with Melinda and Ebenezer is a bit hard to understand, as it ends with what seems to be a dream sequence, but the character of Ebenezer is a good one. At first, I thought I was going to have my nerves wracked by the character, but it grew on me pretty quickly in an endearing horror movie sort of way.

It’s called The Zombie Chronicles and it’s well worth checking out! If you’d like to see it or yourself drop on over to Brain Damage and check it out! So, until next time, when I’ll admit to having been dead for several years now and claim to be the first ‘zombie reviewer’, remember that the best movies are bad movies.