They Plot By Night (2016) – By Philip Smolen


A returning World War II veteran named Sam (Eric Sharp) goes to a nightclub and rekindles his romance with a torch singer named Solange (Katt Balsan). She’s thrilled to see him and grateful he’s home. However, possessive club owner Danny (Andrew H. Enriquez) isn’t thrilled and he makes it clear that Sam isn’t welcome around Solange. It doesn’t take long for tensions to rise between the threesome and for tragedy to ensue…

“They Plot By Night” is a new nine minute short film from writer/director Andrew H. Enriquez and it’s a loving tribute to classic Hollywood film noirs. From sumptuous black and white photography to tough as nails dialogue, Enriquez knows what ingredients to add in order to make a heady noir mix and he hits all the marks here. This is a wonderful homage to a forgotten film form and it totally satisfies.

Eric Sharp is perfect as the innocent Sam who only wants to connect with his former lover. Katt Balsan oozes sex appeal and mystery as Solange while Enriquez projects the perfect amount of bluster as Danny. “They Plot By Night” may only be nine minutes long, but it successfully transports you back to the 1940s for its entire length. Enriquez should be applauded for effectively re-introducing a forgotten movie genre to an entire new generation of film lovers.

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